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FEEL LIKE CRYING & don't know why? Hear this prophetic message from the Lord that I was led to rite down…

There are times you feel sadness because of me. My will works its way into this world through people, and I often use your tears as the conduit to bring things into being. The weeping and wailing you feel is an urgency that you must learn to yield to me. Cry out to me. Let me use your emotions for my glory. Vision and purpose are like childbirth. At the right time, the vision will be ready to come forth, but you must PUSH, HOLLER, HOLD ON TIGHT, and see it through. Plan for it. Set up for it. Allow it. Flow with it. The pains, even the depression, are not always the battles you've been taught that they are. I use your emotions to bring MY PURPOSES, MY ANSWERS to you and those connected to you who will hear me because of what I am speaking through you. Let your emotions out in front of me, not everyone else. I am safety. I am comfort. I am peace. I am also the God who causes you to feel and I want you to come to me with what you feel. Let me guide your emotions. Let me shape your experiences so that others can see me in you. The urgency to cry… I built that in you. Your tears are prayers, seeds planted in my hands that I transform into your answers, and how you will know it when I show up for you with what you're asking me for. Don't wait to ask. Don't wait to cry out. Those who sow in tears will reap in joy (Psalm 126:5-6). If my people who call themselves mine would act like they are mine and talk to me about things instead of giving attention to everything and everyone else, then I would give my full attention to hear them, answer them, and heal the whole situation, every tiny detail, healing the land and everyone in it (2 Chronicles 7:14). Stop leaning on your way of thinking. Let me, the creator, show you what I have in mind for how to use your mind, the brain I created to put my power inside of you (Proverbs 3:5-6). Do not get to the point where you exist without feeling anything and are unconscious to my promptings. That will lead to the kind of emotional turmoil, sin, and ignoring my ways…that is not from me and that is not my will (Ephesians 4:19-…)

Come and see me today. No gimmicks, no one else involved. Just you and me. You are who I want to help, to love, to smile at, to speak to, to bless, to work through, to love in. You. Come.

— — —

If this message from the Lord spoke to YOU and you need help applying it, please reach and, and I'll help you and pray with you about it.

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