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Are YOU The Answer?

I DARE YOU to keep reading! The thing that bothers you about him, or them, or her, could perhaps be due to YOU being an expert in an area where you have more experience than them. How can you transform the situation gracefully by being your full self, which is the ANSWER to the problem, and share your ideas and changes in a way that adds to their lives rather than faulting them, him, or her for what is supposed to be coming from you anyway? In what ways can you be solution focused and use your mind and emotions to create, not to distract and tear him, or them, or her down. What is the answer? What is the most beneficial way for you to impart it? Have you considered that you've got answers so you can share them, in stead of faulting others for not knowing what you know? If you are highly opinionated on what someone should be doing or on what they need, it just means that you have knowledge that they don't right? What questions can you ask to help them explore that area, problem, mindset, or habit that stimulates growth and success? Will you give it one shot and then be done? If God has placed something in you for others, how long will you spend sharing it? How does the Lord want you to respond in this moment? Spend a quiet within your spirit to see if you should prepare to drop one seed in faith or to continue in a process. Whatever it is you have, explore it together with God. Listen and respond well. Humble yourself and use your gifts, your answers, your expert opinion and your knowledge to bring the solutions that he, she, or they need and are so obvious to you. This is why you notice it, and it bothers you. It’s because of what’s in you. What if YOU are the answer, that perhaps they have been praying and asking for. Take the next step to explore and learn more about yourself and how to be the answer for others.

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