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My Good Friend

It's like talking with a good friend and getting everything out, and then there's that moment of transition, when you feel better, and you feel heard and understood.....

That's what prayer is like for me. I don't hold back either and oooh it often gets ugly, and snotty, and sometimes I even go in cursing and telling on folk, and kids, and husband, and it errrrybody else's fault and then...As I pour it all out, suddenly there's more room in me. Ya know? I feel lighter, because I am not carrying the heavy load (speak Lord!)... and then possibilities and hopefulness begins filling in that freed up space. I begin to listen and understand that he will answer, that God has an answer.... I begin to appreciate how he shifts my perspective and shows me ME and my flaws and how he can help me be and do better. Then I begin to thank him for sharing the load, for listening, for sitting with me. I start to tell him what it means to have him in my life. Yes, I then go in to pour out my worship and gratitude on him. HALLELUJAH! Some body HELP me praise him! This is why "they" say JUST A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS MAKES IT ALRIGHT!!!!

So my friend, as you read this, I hope your heart has already begun to reach toward God. Even if you don't have the words, he interprets our sighs and inner groanings that are too deep for words. Yes he knows and is listening. So, let us pray... Share and comment if you can understand and, please also let me know how I can share the load and pray for you.

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