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True Christian Self-Care

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Self-care is different from self-centeredness and self-glorifying behavior. The latter two leave God out and are bent toward negative pride and arrogance, or sufficiency without God. Self-care echoes the commandments that Jesus himself said are the greatest, and what Whitney sang about years. It does not go against God for you to like, love, and appreciate yourself. I think God enjoys it when you do. He lives in here. His temple is important. How you see yourself is important.

Love the Lord YOUR God with all YOUR heart, YOUR soul, YOUR mind, YOUR strength (coming to God with all of who you are is how you LOVE God) and then once you have learned that THIS PROCESS of coming to God is actually showing great love for yourself as well because of connecting yourself and recharging every part of your being in him... then you can teach others to love God and themselves in the same way (love your neighbor as yourself). Matthew 22:37-40 (The "EBA" Version😉)

If you don't treat yourself well (by living humbly before God in everything and seeking him daily), then what advice do we really have for others. If you don't like YOU, how do you encourage others to not be so hard on themselves or that everything will be okay. I propose you go to God and tell him what you need, don't like and what you do like about yourself and then listen for his responses to you. Listen for the comforting affirmation that will be revealed in your spirit, through others, and in the scriptures. Loving yourself by coming to him is the supreme act of worship and the number one thing God asks of us. Come. Lift up your hands right now. Breathe slowly sensing his love and presence for you. Wrap your arms around yourself and say these words to yourself out loud ... [say your name] I LOVE YOU.





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