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You know, one conversation leads to another and as a result, I've been blessed to coach, teach, work with and gain valuable experience from over 50 clients and organizations over 20 years.  I am always grateful for the chance to listen to other's stories and to discover the impact we can have on one another.  The joys, tears, prayers, depression, triumph, grief, failures, unbelief, faith, pain, hope, trauma, victory, sickness, loss, inspiration, healing, anxiety, overcoming, triggers, love, testimonies, fulfillment behind my story and other people's roles in it have shaped every part of me. I've learned to use it all to get me to my next blessing and phase and to pass it along and inspire the next person who needs it, including my own family, my husband and our four kiddos.


One of my specialties is coaching women to achieve positive and rewarding home life experiences as wives and mothers.  To watch you grow and create a plan to rediscover, appreciate and prioritize yourself right in the midst of working and caring for everyone else brings so much joy, and satisfaction too honey!  Whether it's personal coaching sessions, accountability calls, group sessions, motivational speaking or retreats, I am here to help you, your group, school, ministry and business improve your quality of life, grow into your purpose, and live the life you dream about.


In 2021, I officially launched E.B.A. Life Coaching Company, LLC.  The letters E-B-A stand for ENVISION, BELIEVE, ATTAIN. When you work with me, you'll Envision what you want, Believe and walk out faith filled action steps toward your future, and ultimately A.ttain and learn to maintain the accomplishment of your heart's desires. 

So where are you in your journey? Would you like to work together and gain new perspective and direction for you life?

I'm Eba. Thanks for stopping by to learn about me.  I'm so excited because I've been praying for you, your needs and your purpose, and it is not by chance or accident that we've crossed paths today.  Would you mind sharing your story with me?  I'd love to hear about what's going on with you. That's actually how all of this got started... 


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