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Getting God's DMs

Is God sending you a message?
Getting God's DMs

If you’ve ever received a DM from someone, you’re likely to respond by sending a message back if it’s someone you know. You probably receive notifications from the friends, influencers, and the brands you like. You may even subscribe to stay up-to-date whenever they release a new post, product, or information. If we think about building our relationship with God in the same way, we can compare subscribing to opening ourselves to God’s invitation or friend request. When we say yes to God, we are willing to hear what he has to say. God wants us to like, follow, and subscribe to him. If you’ve ever heard of or used the phrase “something told me”, then there’s a good chance that you have had a DM from God. You might recall a series of thoughts and experiences that all delivered the same message. Those are priceless, undeniable, deep and personal moments that could have only been God sending a message directly to you. Today, I want to encourage you to lean in to messaging God. If you’re not telling God how you really feel, then what is the point of prayer? The hidden, secret issues and the concerns you have are important reasons for praying. Your desires matter to you and the way you address those in prayer matters to God. Have you considered talking to God the same way you would a friend, or a pastor, or even a gossip buddy? We often practice “casting our cares” onto others. However, 1 Peter 5 teaches us that we should “cast our cares on [the Lord] because he cares for us.” Try telling God exactly what you confided in someone else. He promises to draw close to us when we draw close to him. So, get in God’s inbox, and don’t leave out any juicy details.

Scriptures to meditate:

1 Peter 5:5-7

Philippians 4:6-9

James 4:1-17

~ Coach Eba ~

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