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Growth feels good, right?

Have you ever paused to think about what growth looks and feels like in your life? Lately, I’ve been considering the idea that growth means changes are happening. The thing is, when I can’t control how fast or slow the changes are happening, I sometimes feel disappointed. I become discontent, longing for what I can no longer have. Don't you ever want things to just go back to the way they were? Other times, I wish things would hurry up and just be over already. What I've realized is when I am constantly looking at all of the moving parts of my life, it stresses me out! Longing for past joys and wishing away current difficulties keeps me on edge. It’s like the song says, “Don’t push me/ ‘cause I’m close to the edge/ I’m trying not to lose my head/ a-ha ha ha ah.” If all things are supposed to be working together for my good, there’s either something wrong with God's promise, or there’s something wrong with my perspective. When I keep looking for something other than what I really hope for, discontent grows stronger and faith wanes.

Can you think of changes in your life that make you feel discontent? How might the changes be an opportunity for you to live out your faith in God? I believe we've been given the gifts of time and grace so we can practice over and over. Growth brings about consistent, seemingly invisible changes which produce beneficial and desired results, like a garden. The work required in the planting season is quite different from the work required during the harvest. No matter which season we're in, we must accept it, have faith to move forward in it, and take strategic steps (work) throughout each moment of change we experience.

So today, I’m committing to observing, learning, taking deep breaths, and giving thanks to God for whatever the present moment has to teach, while it lasts, whether it feels good or bad. Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts with me about this? My upcoming webinar "When Church Isn't Enough" will dive deep into the reasons believers are stressed and discontent despite attending church. I invite you to uncover mind-shifting solutions with me that will result in our growth and living stress free! Click here to register for free and let's continue this conversation.

Scriptures to meditate:

Romans 8:6-28

Hebrew 11:1

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

~ Coach Eba ~


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